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Why should one do Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Women spend a lot of money and time doing massages and facials in parlours hoping to tighten their muscles and prevent sagging of face only to realise that the effect fades off in 10 days. However Non-Surgical Face Lift based on a scientific principle gradually gives definitive results that are long lasting.

What is Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Non-Surgical Face Lift is a system that uses Radiofrequency waves that is gently applied through specially designed facial probes.

What does Non-Surgical Face Lift do to the skin?

When the Non-Surgical Face Lift probes are applied to the face, they gently stimulate collagen production. The finer lines on the face will start to diminish and the skin will feel firmer and taut. The finer pores will reduce in size and the facial contour is restored to its youthful state.

How does the Non-Surgical Face Lift work?

When the probes of the Non-Surgical Face Lift are applied to the skin, they gently and gradually heat the dermis ( deeper skin) without damaging the epidermis ( superficial skin). The patient will instantly experience tightening of the skin. The heat causes new collagen production which is visible after 3 months.There is additional fat dissolving and muscle relaxing effect.

What are the benifits of Non Surgical Face Lift?

This procedure can help reduce sagging of skin, facial lines and wrinkles, lines around eyes-crow’s feet.
It helps in minimising double chin and neck folds. It helps reshape the jaw line by jowl reduction. Its special probe for eyes can treat eye bags or puffy eyes. Eye brow lifting and conturing or eyebrows can be achived by this procedure.